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A manifestation of Intelligent Toothbrush!

Though brushing our teeth is part and parcel of habits as we are growing up but wait! Have we pondered how it has been going with our teeth' health? Definitely not! And this becomes a reason for sudden toothache, sensitivity, cavities, etc. But guess what? We at Annanta Source have a smart, indeed Intelligent solution for that too at your end.

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Evolving your Everyday Dental Care!

This Annanta Smart Brush, unlike other manual and electric toothbrushes, provides you with exceptional features to keep your teeth’ health on the mark. Let us go through the features below to see how this brush is a manifestation of ‘Intelligent Toothbrush’!
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Real Time Visuals

For this wonderful boon of technology, the system performs tasks dynamically by capturing data, integrating, and analyzing in real-time without considering any past records!

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Accurate Analysis

The accurate analysis provided by this AI system makes the Smart Brush more reliable towards teeth’ health data and its diagnosis all the more relevant by a concerned dentist.

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Secured Sharing

The secured sharing of real-time data through wifi/ Bluetooth makes the whole device reliable to transfer data to the user’s smartphone without any doubt of data leakage.

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More Possibilities
Than Ever Before

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How it works

Powering your Performance

Powering your Performance

Pressure Sensor

Well, the smartness or intelligence of this toothbrush doesn’t end here. The pressure lets you determine how much pressure you should exert over your teeth while rolling your brush up and down the mouth. A correct amount of stress that needs to be applied is exerted by the neck of the brush as it automatically bends and applies a very correct amount of pressure required for your teeth to live longer!

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AI-driven Camera

The Smart aka Intelligent toothbrush comes up with a camera, fitted at the top, which provides it an entire view of the inside mouth and lets it capture images for the cavities, tooth decay, etc if any. This feature determines overall teeth health as the sensors fitted in the brush neck are integrated with the Smart Brush mobile application.

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Breathing Sensor

This breathing sensor consists of a sulphide detecting sensor that detects sulphide elements in the air. This sulphide element is nothing but a foul smell from the mouth, also called ‘bad breath’. The sensor detects the amount of sulphide and notifies you on the Smart brush app.

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Bio-Formulate Sprinkler

Being concerned for your teeth so much, we have got to be concerned about providing better and something natural as a cleaner to your teeth. Here, the Smart Brush comes up with a bio enzyme spray fitted in it which provides organic nutrition to your teeth.

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Vibrating Bristles

As your toothbrush cannot reach every corner of your teeth, the teeth are more vulnerable to decay. But relax! that is not a worry either. We at Annanta manage to provide you with a smart brush with vibrating bristles that leave no tooth unattended!

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Mobile-App Connected

The entire idea of using the Smart Brush is fulfilled when the entire teeth’ health report analysis is given by this Smart Brush App. The analysis given by the app is accurate enough to consult a dentist nearby.

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Wifi-Bluetooth Enabled

This amazing AI-driven device can be connected through bluetooth and wifi both ensuring the safe and secured transfer of data.

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Wireless Charger

This charger serves the wireless feature and so the smart brush can be charged simply by using this charging adaptor.

Petite, Powerful
with Incredible Precision

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The exceptional feature this Smart Brush holds is to record the bad breath element Sulphide in an individual’s mouth and shares the data to the Smart Brush app. The magnetic connector in the port can be connected with the magnetic sensor port available at the bottom of the Smart Brush. Well, adding this feature we are sure that Annanta’s Smart Brush is here to take care of your teeth exactly the way they deserve.

In order to record your breath particles, bring the recorder closer to your mouth and exhale for a few minutes to give the recorder an appropriate amount of reading.


The AI-driven camera based on the principle of computational photography saves an ample time to perform activities on a requisite image like processing and enhancement in real-time. On the other hand, it requires hours of toiling to achieve the same on software like photoshop or lightroom.

Powering your Performance
Powering your Performance


Sharing the data to the user’s smartphone and receiving parameters regarding teeth’ health like complete teeth analysis, sensitivity check, bad breath check, bio- enzyme, oral track reports make Smart Brush Application a trustworthy companion for compiling daily teeth’ health reports. The illustration shows all the relevant features that can be used to acquire an entire teeth analysis.

Meet the team behind

Dev Kumar

Dev Kumar Thappla

Cofounder (Annanta Source LLC)
Project Director | Data Scientist
Dev Kumar

Dr. Hina Sharma

MD Director,
Critical care Solution INC

Animesh Chandera Dey

Product Manager | Programmer

Danish Raza


Sridhar Narayana


Sumeri Lal

HW/SW Design Engineer

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